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National Cycling Strategy Implementation Report 2011

In November 2012 the Australian Bicycle Council published the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16: Implementation Report 2011. This report provides an overview of progress towards the objectives of the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16. The Australian Bicycle Council’s National Cycling Participation Survey provided the baseline for the Strategy’s target of doubling the number of people cycling in Australia […]

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Walking, Riding & Access to Public Transport Draft Report Submission

The Australian Commonwealth government’s Department of Infrastructure and Transport has released for public comment (comments accepted unto January 31, 2013) its draft report, Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport. The draft report explores how the Commonwealth government can work with other governments (state and local), business and the community to encourage and support walking […]

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Speed Lobster Bicycle Trailer/Tent Combo

Bicycle touring is a big part of my cycling adventure and so I am always on the look out for new gear in the world of bicycle touring. Thanks to a post over at Brentrideronline [BROL] I came across the Speed Lobster bicycle trailer/tent combo so I thought I would share the find here. (more…)

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Town of Claremont Shared Space Failed Cyclists?

I am re-blogging in part an very interesting and thought provoking post at Bicycle Perth on the Town of Claremont’s Shared Space project and how it has impacted on cyclists and in particular the provision of bicycle parking which has gone from eight u-bars to none, yep their great shared space project is now providing no bicycle […]

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