Change in Leadership at WA Police – A Cyclist’s Perspective

Assistant Commissioner Nick Anticich

WA Police Assistant Commissioner Nick Anticich

I have been siting on writing this post for sometime but recently the Western Australian Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan announced a change in the top level leadership team at the Western Australian Police. As a cyclist and someone with a keen interest in road safety and as cyclist with a camera who reports incidents to the WA Police I was particularly interested in this leadership change and curious about the impact that it might have on road safety in WA.

The backstory to the leadership change can be found in the ABC news story but what are the changes of interest to myself and to the cycling community in Western Australia.

First the big disappointment for me is the promotion of Stephen Brown to one of two Deputy Commissioner positions. Deputy Commissioner Stephen Brown will oversee judicial services, professional development, emergency response and media and corporate communications. I don’t have a good history with Mr Brown, having written to him a year ago following his response to a number of concerns, including one where Superintendent John Lindley clearly couldn’t read or deliberately choose to ignore a road rule in justifying his failure to act. In light of this it is very disappointing to see Mr Brown now responsible for professional development and corporate communications. I cannot see this boding well for for the cycling community and in particular those cyclists who choose to engage with the Western Australian Police.

The other change is in the leadership of the traffic arm of the WA Police. Ms Michelle Fyfe who was Acting Assistant Commissioner Traffic has moved on to a new role as assistant commissioner with responsibility for professional development.

Assistant commissioner Nick Anticich is now responsible for traffic. I don’t know much about Mr Anticich but at least we have a full time Assistant Commissioner now responsible for traffic rather than an acting one. A little bit can be gleaned but from his profile at ECU where Mr Anticich is an Adjutant Associate Professor:

Mr Nick Anticich is currently the Assistant Commissioner of Traffic and Emergency Response within the Western Australia Police Force.

Previous to this, Mr Anticich was the Assistant Commissioner of the Specialist Crime.

For five years prior to this, Mr Anticich was the Director of Operations of WA’s Corruption and Crime Commission and before that time he was a member of the Australian Federal Police for 24 years, attaining the rank of commander. His role was the Director Operations in WA and, for a short period, performed the role of National Manager Counter-Terrorism AFP Canberra. He was appointed General Manager AFP Western Operations two years before retiring from the AFP.

Mr Anticich spent nearly ten years investigation organised crime with the former National Crime Authority (NCA) in the position of National Director (Perth) and had responsibility for Cyber-Crime and Professional Standards. He was involved in serious organised crime investigations relating to narcotics, money-laundering, South East Asian organised crime, established criminal networks and OMCGS. He was also the Chief Investigator South East Organised Crime NCA in Sydney. As Manager (Investigations) NCS Perth, Mr Anticich had oversight of the NCA’s involvement in OMCG task force operations with WA Police.

Mr Anticich is also a holder of an Australian Police Medal (APM).

I hope that Mr Anticich appointment, despite his the lack of background in traffic will bode well for cyclists and road safety in Western Australia in the short to medium term. Hopefully this change in leadership combined with the change in leadership at the Office of Road Safety will see a new direction being taken, a direction with real tangible outcomes for cyclists and their families.

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Please do stop by the comment section below and share your thoughts on the change in the leadership team at the Western Australian Police and where you see road safety heading in Western Australia and/or your recent experiences with the WA Police as a cyclist with the rest of us.

* The image used in this post has been sourced from WA Today

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