Pedicabs in Fremantle

Down Under Pedicabs in Fremantle

I was riding home the other evening from Joondalup as I do I rode down Fremantle Cappuccino strip and surprise surprise there was a pedi-cab crossing the road in front of me.  I hadn’t realised that Freo now had its own pedicabs which I think is a real cool thing to happen. It adds another element to getting around Fremantle, that is for sure. 

A little googling and I found out the pedicabs are from Down Under Pedicabs so check them out for a ride around Fremantle.  The video I recorded as I rode past is below … enjoy Fremantle’s own pedicabs.

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  1. Kris Rhodes 15 December 2012 at 7:35 PM #

    We have pedicabs in Seattle too, but they typically only make a huge presence in the middle of summer. Because Seattle is hilly, they’re usually equipped with an electric motor on the front wheel, and under specific conditions will get you to your location faster than a conventional taxi, because they can use the footpath. If you get the chance, keep an eye out on the tires they use; our pedicabs use a mix of Marathon Plus (puncture resistant + durable) and Big Apple (totally plush cushioned ride) tires.

  2. Andrew Priest 17 December 2012 at 12:59 PM #

    I am not sure of the configuration of these ones but will try and get a closer look. No footpath riding here but 🙂

    I also suspect they will be a summer activity too.

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