Town of Claremont Shared Space Failed Cyclists?

Town of Claremont Shared Space Bicycle Parking

“Bicycle Parking” in the redeveloped Town of Claremont Shared Space

I am re-blogging in part an very interesting and thought provoking post at Bicycle Perth on the Town of Claremont’s Shared Space project and how it has impacted on cyclists and in particular the provision of bicycle parking which has gone from eight u-bars to none, yep their great shared space project is now providing no bicycle parking.  I guess the Town of Claremont’s idea of shared space is a space shared by motor vehicles and pedestrians. Not fun at all.

From Bicycle Perth …

On Friday I decided to visit Claremont to buy some new socks. It was a beautiful day and I wanted a reason for a ride. I could have gone into central Perth but I wanted to find out how the “shared space” in Bay View Terrace was progressing. I did a blog post about it in October. At that time there were no bicycle racks installed. I was not too critical of that issue because there were still a few jobs being finished within the street and I hoped they would come later. Well, it has been two months and there are still no bicycle racks. In practical terms it is probably OK. As you can see from this photo, the tree protectors serve as convenient place to lock our bicycles. 

There are two racks around the corner in St Quentin Avenue but they were not being used, perhaps because they are a bit out of the way and in a section of dead space next to the side wall of a bank. 

The tree protectors are not ideal because the metal is sharp and care needs to be taken if you want to avoid scratching your frame. This lack of official bicycle parking prompted me to research what the Town of Claremont had provided prior to the change. I quick look at Google street view, which still shows the old street, reveals that there were previously eight u-rails spaced along the two blocks. 

From eight to zero! That does not fit with the new movement hierarchy we were promised.

Please drop over to Bicycle Perth for more in-depth commentary on what the Town of Claremont has done and how it has missed the boat. Something the City of Fremantle needs to read as well as it battles with the how to enhance the Cappuccino Strip.


2 Responses to Town of Claremont Shared Space Failed Cyclists?

  1. jet 25 December 2012 at 6:34 PM #

    the ‘tree protectors’ will probably be signposted ‘no bikes, no butts’ like the ones in the CBD soon enough

    • Andrew Priest 26 December 2012 at 8:50 AM #

      Isn’t that what the City of Perth has done, so I suspect you are right … the Town of Claremont will adopt a similar attitude.

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