WA Premier’s 2013 Message – Be Kind on the Road

Andrew Priest (Aushiker) trying to look worried on a bike for the photographer

Cyclist Andrew Priest – who has been a victim of road rage from Perth motorists – has installed cameras on his bike front and back to film any incident that may occur. Picture: Theo Fakos Source: The Sunday Times

Yours truly’s mug has been used in an article in the Australian newspaper (online only I guess) covering the Western Australian Premier’s 2013 message to the people.  Premier Colin Barnett has encouraged kindness in his message in light of growing concerns about road rage incidents.  The original story that the photo shoot was undertaken for can be found here.

The relevant part of the article is quoted below … see the link above for the full article.

GROWING pains in Perth have led to ‘terrible’ road rage incidents, which have prompted premier Colin Barnett to encourage kindness in his New Year message.

“I understand that it is easy to get frustrated when driving, especially when dealing with road works and congestion, so I urge people to please try to have patience on the roads,” Mr Barnett said.

“As Perth evolves into a bigger city, I encourage all of us to continue to hold on to the qualities we still value such as courtesy and kindness, gentleness and consideration for each other.

“This makes it important for us all to take care, to slow down on the roads and to keep an eye out for each other.”

Whilst it is good to see cycling get a mention at least via the photo I do find it amusing that a photo of myself is used in this context. I have not exactly being a supporter of the Liberal/National government in its approach to cycling infrastructure and road safety in Western Australia.

2 Responses to WA Premier’s 2013 Message – Be Kind on the Road

  1. Kris Rhodes 3 January 2013 at 2:18 AM #

    This is much better than the one I was used in. Mine was used in a cyclist getting a speeding fine for going 20 km/h over the speed limit. People thought I should sue for defamation or something. I printed a screenshot and stuck it to my door!

    • Andrew Priest 4 January 2013 at 5:23 PM #

      That would be right. Another evil cyclist bringing us all into disrepute 🙂

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