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Rapha Festive 500

I have not been that motivated to ride in 2012 and despite completing my Chasing the Dirt Tour I have only completed 7,136 kilometres in 2012. My worst full year of riding since 2008. Over the previous four years I have averaged 12,300 kilometres per year. With some desire to “redeem” myself before the year end I entered the Rapha Festive 500 challenge.

The idea with the Rapha Festive 500 challenge is to ride a 500 km between December 24, 2012 and December 31, 2012, that is 500 kilometres over eight days; an average of 63 kilometres a day. Shouldn’t be too had right? Well it wouldn’t have been if I had got started on December 24, ugh!

My lethargy towards cycling in 2012 seems to have extend to this last grasp at redemption. I didn’t actually get into the challenge until Thursday December 27, 2012, i.e., with five days to go. So now instead of an easy 63 kilometres a day, I need to ride 100 km a day. Okay that shouldn’t be too hard right?

Well of course this happened to coincide with a heatwave in Perth with the temperatures each day over these five days nudging 40 C and at times on the bike going well over. Had I got started at the start I would have done most of the kilometres before the worst of the heat arrive. My bad!

I got off to a good start on day one knocking off the first 100 km in an average temperature of 30 C. Whilst that hurt I got going the next morning with the intention of doing the same. An average temperature of 35 C in the morning saw me complete 76 km. To make up the needed 100 km I did another 26 km in the evening. Okay so far so good but I was starting to hurt.

Day three, I went out again in the morning completing 50 km with the intention of doing another 50 km in the evening. Alas that is where my Rapha Festive 500 ended in disgrace. I was completely fatigued and was in now no position to ride again that evening. So there ended my challenge at a mere 250 km.

I did learn some lessons: My body, my heart (pacemaker) is not enjoying the higher temperatures anymore and I struggled with it. My lack of fitness has really shown me up in the last few days as well and most importantly of all if I am going to justify the purchase of a Sinner Mango Sports Red Edition I really need to get my act together in 2013.

Sinner Mango Sports Red Edition

Trying out a Sinner Mango Sports Red Edition

So hopefully 2013 will get off to a good start, with some shorter sub 70 kilometre training rides in the first week followed by a 200 km flat night ride, an Audax Australia ride on the Saturday night and then back to regular commuting (84 kilometre round trip) four days a week on January 7, 2013 until semester starts when it gets a bit disrupted due to my teaching at two campuses. Still should get three days of riding in plus a couple of days with some running during semester.

I will throw some running into the mix so hopefully I am more active during 2013. Strava will be my wall of truth in 2013.

So how did your 2012 pan-out and what are you plans for 2013?

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