Oliebollentocht 2012 – A Gathering of 157 Velomobiles

Oliebollentocht 2012

The Oliebollentocht is an annual gathering of velomobiles in Netherlands which is organised by the Toerclub De Peddelaars. The ride in 2012 was the 17th edition and 157 velomobiles where in attendance, a new record apparently. describe the 2012 ride thus:

Welcome with some nice hot drink at De Vrolijkheidin Zwolle. Then outside the counting of participants for the record. We leave in groups of approx. 50 velomobiles for the tour. We’ll follow a scenic route of 60 km. where the only traffic light is at the ferry to Genemuiden. Furthermore, we follow the Vecht and the Zwartewater. The dikes offer beautiful views. But also through Hasselt, an old Hanseatic town, also swaying reeds and small-scale landscape of the “Kop of Overijssel”.We pause in Belt-Schutsloot with a piece of apple cake with a warm boost of your choice. Upon your return, a solid bowl pea soup with a slice of rye bread and bacon ready, Made by the landlady herself. Vegetarian: No problem, a good alternative is here also. Of course, the “Oliebollen” (a Dutch anniversary-pastry) are not forgotten …. They are literally baked where we stand …..

Now doubt there are numerous videos of Oliebollentocht 2012 but here are three that I think are worth sharing and which provide a taste of the event and the velomobiles.

The first is a walk around of the velo-park.

The second is from Harry at Sinner Bikes, the makers of the Mango Sports Red Edition that I am aspiring to own.

and there is a longer video from a Quest rider. This is an interesting video as it is recorded with a sunglasses camera from within Da Hood, the racing hood available for the Sinner Bikes Mango and of course Quest velomobiles.

For those interested there is also an English write up of the 2009 Oliebollentocht by David Henbrow.


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