Bike Racks in City of Vincent? Tell them where to put them …

City of Fremantle Bicycle Parking Rack

City of Fremantle Bicycle Parking Rack

The City of Vincent has 50, yep 50 standard type stainless steel bike racks to install over the next few months in the city and they want you to tell them where to shove them, eh install them. So here is your chance to have your say!

You can request a location using the form found here or drop an email to the City of Vincent TravelSmart Officer Francois Sauzier with your preferred bike rack location or get on the dog and bone and call Francois at 9273 6558.

I think this is a great idea and it is great to see the City of Vincent willing to listen to its residents and visitors, yep visitors have a say too, so to get these bike racks in the right places where we can use them let them know where to put them!

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