Time for Transperth Bus Drivers to Chill Out!

It has not been a good start to the year for me with Transperth bus drivers, having experienced two incidents in the first nine days of the year whilst out riding my bike. This is not okay; no vulnerable road user, heck no road user should have to put up with carless driving by Transperth employees.

The second and more significant incident of concern occurred at approximately 8:30 AM (timestamp on video is ahead by approximately 20 minutes) on Wednesday January 9, 2013 as I on my bicycle and the bus where northbound on Oceanside Promenade, Mullaloo approaching the roundabout at West View Boulevard. Yep approaching a dreaded roundabout.

As I approached the intersection, the driver of the bus chose that movement to commence a passing manoeuvre instead of waiting the few seconds to allow me to safely enter and exit the roundabout.

It does not end there, as the driver also appears to cross a solid white line (an offence under Road Traffic Code) when passing me. That solid white line should have been a very big clue to the driver that he didn’t have room to pass! But no he decides to save a second or three and force his way past anyway. Bad luck if he collects a cyclist on the way through.

Of course his decision to pass was stupid as ran out of room to safely pass me BEFORE merging back into the lane. So what does he do? Mr “professional” bus driver merges back into the lane when he is alongside me, forcing me to take evasive action to avoid being hit by the bus!

What the heck, it is only a cyclist. Bad luck if they get hit right?

It is clear to me this Transperth driver needs to chill out, slow down and to ensure that he passes safely and clearly BEFORE merging back into the lane and to do this NOW before he seriously injuries or worse kills a vulnerable road user.

What is more frustrating is that less than a minute later I passed the bus so this driver’s action where a pointless act of careless driving.

Lucky for this driver, my video camera records files in segments, i.e., it creates a new file every 50 minutes of recording, so at the critical moment it ended one file and started the next one so there is a gap of a second or two where I had to actually take evasive action to avoid hitting the bus. Due to this loss of a second or so I have decided to not take this matter up with the Joondalup Police where I would have pushed hard for a traffic infringement notice to be issued.

I have however reported the matter to Transperth so hopefully that may result in this “professional” driver learning from his error of judgement.

The first incident is still under review by Transperth but was again a silly piece of driving by the driver who clearly needs to understand his or her nearside clearances. The driver got way to close, so close in fact that I could have easily smacked the side of the bus with my hand. Once again a careless inconsiderate act of driving that could have had serious consequences.

Hopefully these are one off incidents rather than a sign that Transperth has not learnt from previous reports of dangerous driving. The response then from Mr Reece Waldock and the Public Transport Authority was seriously lacking; hopefully this time things are different because no one should have to die at the hands of a Transperth driver to get Mr Waldock to act.

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  1. Sylvain 17 June 2015 at 8:00 PM #

    Today wednesday 17th of june 2015 (rainy day and slippery road) around 5 pm, I (safe driver and father of 2 children under 4) was driving on Berrigan drive from north lake road to the freeway at 60km per hour when this bus came out of south lake drive about 20 meters in front of me, crossing all 4 lanes to head to north lake road, not looking at all for other cars! 20m at 60 km per hour on wet road, there is nothing you can do to stop a 2.5t van like mine I had to avoid this bus by driving on the sidewalk, risking a pedestrian’s life and almost smashed into the petrol station. Where do transperth get their drivers from? A personnal message to this bus driver : Next time, I will not avoid you from the back of your bus but from the front, if I die, so will you! There are many people out there wanting your job so if you can’t do it, give it up before you kill someone you idiot!

    • Aushiker 19 June 2015 at 2:18 PM #

      Sorry to hear of your experience and I hope you report it to Transperth directly. Glad to hear you got out of it okay.

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