Rous Head (North Mole) Fremantle to get a sea-wall cycle path

Rous Head Industrial Park

Fremantle Ports has awarded a $13m contract to construction firm, Brierty Ltd to construct roads and services on reclaimed land at Rous Head, Fremantle. Part of this contract will see the building of a cycle and pedestrian path along the sea wall.

Rous Head Map - Cycle Path

Map showing the new cycle and pedestrian path

The cycle path will connect with the existing path on the western side of Port Beach Road (North Fremantle) and allow cyclists to ride along the sea wall on the western side of the Rous Head Industrial Park away from heavy vehicles on Port Beach Road and Rudderham Drive out to North Mole. I assume the cycle path will connect with North Mole Drive at the southern end of the park but will seek clarification from Fremantle Ports.  Update: January 26, 2013: Fremantle Ports have responded to my enquiry and advise that the shared path will terminate “at a car park located at the land end of the North Mole.”  I am assuming this is where I have indicated it will come out on North Mole Drive.

Whilst the ideal would be for a cycle path all the way to North Mole, this new cycle path will allow cyclists to be separated from heavy vehicles and will provide an opportunity to enjoy cycling along the sea-wall. Interaction with light vehicles will only occur on North Mole Drive.

An all-hours Caltex truck stop will also be built on land adjacent to the marshalling area providing refreshments for visitors to North Mole.

It is believed the cycle path will be completed by the end of June 2013.

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