City of Swan CycleConnect Strategy

City of Swan CycleConnect Strategy

I am a little late on this one but the City of Swan apparently approved its bicycle plan, what it refers to as the Swan CycleConnect Strategy in November 2012 (thanks to the Midland Reporter for the heads-up). Interestingly the City of Swan whilst committing around $200,000 per year for cycling infrastructure it seems rather reluctant to promote its strategy. Tracking down this document proved a bit of an exercise.

That said you can download the City of Swan CycleConnect Strategy from my dropbox if you so wish.

The CycleConnect Strategy puts forwards a quite comprehensive list of planned works which at the estimated $200,000 spend per year will take around 15 years to complete (page 47) so don’t get too excited yet 🙂

That said, and whilst I am not that familiar with the cycling infrastructure in the City of Swan it does seem that the City is taking a positive approach to improving cycling.

It is good to see that the CycleConnect Strategy has been framed within the context of various policy documents including the National Cycling Strategy, the draft Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan, Directions 2013 and various other policy documents.

It also pleasing to see in the Strategy a focus on developing relationships and infrastructure to encourage cycling to schools. We need to change the thinking of the future generations on transport and this is a good start.

The objectives of the CycleConnect Strategy are outlined below and this I think is where the City has whilst doing a lot of good things but has missed an opportunity; a low cost opportunity to encourage cycling in a safe environment and that is the implementation of low speed zones where appropriate, i.e., 30 km/h speed zones. We need to shift the focus from the car to the cyclist and the pedestrian and create a safe environment for them. Lowering speeds is a very cost effective way of doing this.

That said the objectives of the CycleConnect Strategy are:

Objective 1: Identify a safe and efficient cycle network that utilises an appropriate level of service to connect between the residential areas, key trip generators and future growth areas of the City.

Objective 2: Identify an implementation plan and description of works to be undertaken with indicative costings and design suggestions.

Objective 3: Discuss the various policy options required to support the implementation of cycling projects in the City

Objective 4: Promote cycling as a healthy, efficient and cost effective alternative transport option.

Objective 5: Raise mutual awareness of the requirements of cyclists and other road users and improve the actual and perceived safety of cycling

The full City of Swan CycleConnect Strategy can be download from my Dropbox. I am particular interested in feedback from cyclists who ride in the City of Swan and of course from residents so do please share you views in the comment box below.

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