North Fremantle Gets PSP Bicycle Lane Connector

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane Connecting North Fremantle Train Station to Tydeman Road *

A small step in the continued development of the Fremantle – Perth Principal Shared Path (PSP) has taken place recently with the completion of the shared path between the North Fremantle train station and Pearse Street – Tydeman Road in North Fremantle.

North Fremantle PSP Connection Map

North Fremantle PSP Connection Map

Whilst it is always good to get more paths for cycling, there are in my view a few of issues with this path. The lesser issue is the North Fremantle connection. For the commuter/fast Principle Shared Path (PSP) rider having to negotiate the North Fremantle train station to get to the path is possibly going to be a bit of hassle and I suspect some will stick to Port Beach Road or Bracks Street (Cheaters Lane).  Maybe we need a challenge to see if one can get through the maze without the need to un-clip!

Old Fremantle Traffic Bridge

Old Fremantle Traffic Bridge

The second and greater issue of concern is that the path drops cyclists on to Pearse Street and then on to Tydeman Road. Cyclists will then have a choice of riding Tydeman Road to continue on to Fremantle via the Old Fremantle Traffic bridge or Stirling Highway or trying to cross Tydeman Road to get to the shared path on the south side. For confident riders comfortable with Tydeman Road this may not be a major issue but for others I suspect it will and may well discourage use of the new path.  In my video you can see I get across quite quickly and safely but I was crossing just prior to the time the traffic picks-up. Maybe in off-peak times this crossing may not be as bad as I initially thought.

Brad Pettit, Mayor of Fremantle has acknowledged the issue and indicated that there are plans for a path behind the Swan Hotel and that a bridge over Tydeman Road is part of the current state government’s unfunded PSP plans. In fairness to the City of Fremantle Brad indicates that they are working to get the state government to change its position on the fly-over.  Lets hope they are successful but I suspect with the state seat of Fremantle not being a marginal one or nor a safe Liberal seat it might be a big ask under the current government.

Congdon Road - No Entry Signs

No entry for northbound riders into the North Fremantle Train Station car park.

The third issue is for northbound riders. The path comes out on to Congdon Road that exits into the North Fremantle train station car park. Northbound riders must leave Congdon Road and enter the North Fremantle train station car park to gain access to the bicycle path over the rail-line. The small problem is that there are two No Entry signs at this point which means that northbound cyclists must disobey the law here to gain access to the PSP across the railway line.   Maybe an exemption needs to be put in place at this point for cyclists.

Edit: February 17, 2013.  It has been pointed out to me that the regulatory sign in the first photo is for a bicycle lane, not a shared lane.  On being told I went and investigated further and it seems that the City of Fremantle has gone over board in getting the signage stuffed up.  Based on the signs both Congdon Road and Pearse Roads are “bicycle lanes” (regulation 3 of the Road Traffic Code 2000) and hence there are specific road rules applying.  Really the City of Fremantle should be able to get its regulatory signage correct.

This section of path is a result if I recall correctly of a Perth bicycle network local government grant so it is good to the City of Fremantle applying for grants funds and then completing the funded projects. Thanks also to City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt for the heads-up on the path completion.

* This image has been sourced from Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog.

5 Responses to North Fremantle Gets PSP Bicycle Lane Connector

  1. robjwall 11 February 2013 at 9:28 AM #

    Thanks for the info Andrew. I’ll ride it later in the week and check it out, Rob Wall (freo bug member)

    • Andrew Priest 11 February 2013 at 12:44 PM #

      Thanks. Will be interested in your thoughts on it Rob.

  2. Aleks 15 February 2013 at 4:46 PM #

    As a North Fremantle resident East of Stirling Highway, something needs to be done to allow both pedestrians and cyclists easy, safe and quick access to all the things that make North Frematle great. Tydeman Road, Stirling Highway and the rail line obstruct pedestrians in all the worst posible ways, and any path that is a hiderence to pedestrians is a hinderence to cyclists.

    For too long now, the Departments of Planning, Infrastructure and Transport have not cared one iota for pedestrians. It’s been up to local councils and advocacy groups for cyclists to push for better shared paths.

    The proposed PSP has not lessened the problems, but rather funnels them into 2 points: at North Fremantle train station and at Tydeman Road. What is required is a bridge to take cycle and pedestrian traffic from Curtin Avenue, over North Fremantle station. From there it should spit into a section for crossing over Stirling Highway to the east, and a path that crosses over Tydeman Road in the south.

  3. Jamie 27 February 2013 at 11:33 AM #

    I tried to watch the youtube video of it, but it says “This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. ”
    But, uh, I am in Fremantle.

    • Andrew Priest 2 March 2013 at 3:42 PM #

      I am sorry to hear that Jamie. I really have no idea why that is happening. Even logged out I can access it okay and like you I am in Fremantle. I can only guess this is a YouTube issue with it believing you are in a non-allowed area such as some European countries 🙁

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