Draft City of Belmont Bike Plan Needs Your Input

City of Belmont Bike Plan 2013 -2018

The City of Belmont has released for public comment its draft Belmont Bike Plan 2013-2018.  The Plan needs your input now so please consider giving the City feedback.

The Belmont Bike Plan has the aim of improving cycling facilities within the City of Belmont over the next five years (2013 – 2018), as well as providing a longer term vision for cycling in the City.  The plan has been designed with the intention of  make cycling easier, safer and more enjoyable within the City of Belmont. What is needed now is your input. Has the City got it right?

The Mayor the City of Belmont, Phil Marks believes that the

Plan has the potential to help Belmont be a great City for cycling, with flat terrain and the beautiful river foreshore and with connections to popular destinations such as schools, shops and transport

The City of Belmont is keen on hearing your thoughts and invites residents, workers and visitors to provide feedback on the draft Belmont Bike Plan, to let the City know if they have designed a bike plan which will make the City a place for cycling.

Feedback on the plan can be easily made via the City of Belmont’s online survey or of course written submissions can be made directly to the City of Belmont via email to The City is accepting submissions up to 5 PM on Friday March 22, 2013.

Copies of the City of Belmont draft Bike Plan 2013 -2018 can be download from my Dropbox along with copies of the City of Belmont recommended projects document or hard copies can be picked up from Civic Centre or Ruth Faulkner Public Library at 215 Wright St, Cloverdale.

The City of Belmont is one of few councils in metropolitan Perth that has a TravelSmart officer so if you want more information on cycling or other TravelSmart matters please contact Emily Carroll on 9477 7163 or via email at Emily will be more than happy to help you I am sure.

It great to see the City of Belmont focusing on cycling so please let them know your views on their Belmont Bike Plan and lets work with the City to grow cycling.

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