The bike police are in [Freo] town


The headline reads, “A headache!” and Dean Whineray of Coolbellup goes on to write in his letter to the editor of the Fremantle Herald, February 16, 2013, page 4 …

THE bike police are in town.

I know it is the law that you must wear a helmet to protect the grey matter, but when bike police in their numbers are simply outside the Norfolk pub and hitting people for the 50-buck fine I seriously doubt the worth of such an exercise.

In fact I think all it does is drive people off their bikes.Come on Adele and Brad—on yer bikes without your helmets and show us all that the law is an ass.

As a cyclist I wear a helmet both as a matter of choice and as I am required to by law. I also endeavour to obey the road rules and to ride is a safe and responsible manner. Sadly others do not respect my choice to use alternative transport and I have resorted for some time to using two video cameras on my bikes. Most of the time the day’s ride videos get deleted as nothing of interest happened, good or bad. Sometimes a video may end up on YouTube and sometimes a video gets reported to the Police.

Those incidents that get report more often than not get brushed aside, the latest one resulted in a phone call from a senior officer in Traffic in West Metropolitan Division and I was told he had better things to do … even before he had seen the video! What sort of attitude is that? Yet here we have, as Mr Whineray reports, yet another Police action on cyclists not wearing helmets

Well for what is worth I have shared a little of my thoughts with the Editor of the Fremantle Herald. Maybe just maybe if enough cyclists stand-up to the WA Police we might one day get a change in attitude and maybe cyclists will be just a little less vulnerable on our roads. I hope so.

Dear Editor

It was interesting to read Dean Whineray’s letter, “A headache!” about yet another blitz on cyclists not wearing helmets. It is good to see the WA Police putting so much effort to “saving” the lives of cyclists.

A helmet it seems is all the protection you need against a two tonne vehicle going through a roundabout whilst you are in and about to be in its path … to report such an incident recorded on video is a “waste of WA Police’s time” [see for the video] but if I don’t wear a helmet, oh no that requires a gathering of officers to issue me with a $50 fine.

Sadly it does not end there with the Fremantle Police and right to the top with the Deputy Commissioner Stephen Brown also adopting the view that using a vehicle to put at serious risk a vulnerable road user is acceptable.

It is a very sad state of affairs where we have a Police Force so hell bent on “protecting” cyclists from themselves, they will happily let others to the maiming and killing.

Road safety is something Commissioner O’ Callaghan talks about, road safety is something the WA Police do nothing about.

I just hope no more mums and dads, brothers and sisters have to die or be seriously injured whilst the WA Police keep their head in the sand.

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  1. perthcyclist 18 February 2013 at 9:12 AM #

    So true Andrew. I think that even the Greens fail to see the helmet law for what it is, an effort to push responsibility for safety on to vulnerable road users instead of acknowledging that the responsibility should like with people driving around in 2 tonnes of armour.


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