City of Fremantle to get a new Bicycle Storage Facility

Push 4moore! Poster

The City of Fremantle Council meeting on January 30, 2013 considered an offer for a single refurbished shipping container to be used as a public bike storage. The unit is a community funded project with the intention of having the City of Fremantle council take full ownership.

According to the minutes of the council meeting

On 7 July 2012, Moore and Moore Café hosted a fundraiser – ‘The Push for Moore’. This was an event aimed at raising enough money to construct and install an artistic: “bike shelter somewhere in Fremantle… hopefully near the Fremantle Markets” The event was a sell-out success and raised approximately $10,000. Since then, Simon Naber, the Moore and Moore café owner, has used social media to run a design competition to develop the bike shelter’s design. He’s also had discussions with various City of Fremantle staff to begin identifying and working through all of the issues associated with installing the shelter on public / City owned land and then gifting the shelter to the City.

The bike shelter has a value of $10,000 and represents an effective increase of 60% in the City of Fremantle bike parking budget for the year.

According to the minutes of the meeting the preferred location for the bicycle storage is is on the extra wide footpath on the south side of the Spicer’s Site car-park. This location is owned freehold by the City of Fremantle. The reasons for preferring this location are that it is very central to Fremantle, is near major destinations such as the Fremantle Markets, also opposite a bike shop – which will provide some passive surveillance for the structure and will help activate Paddy Troy Mall. The Council has not made a decision on the location but has agreed to engage local business at Paddy Troy Mall to establish community support. Maybe the Council should be engaging with the community to establish community support.

The Council Decision on “The Push for Moore” for Bicycle Storage Facility

I am pleased to report that Mayor Brad Pettitt moved the motion to accept the donation and the Councillors carried the motion 12 to nil. The Council has agreed to:

  1. Accept the donation of an artistic bike shelter from Mr Simon Nabers and work with necessary stakeholders to confirm a suitable location for its installation.
  2. Formally thank Mr Simon Nabers as well as his company Moore & Moore Café for their generous contribution to cycling infrastructure in Fremantle.
  3. Authorises sponsorship on the bike shelter acknowledging the contribution of the Moore & Moore café and other contributors subject to the Chief Executive Officer’s approval that the sponsorship is in keeping with the City’s values and not overly commercial.
  4. Approves up to $3,000 of the cycling infrastructure budget be allocated to ensuring that the structure is covered in anti-graffiti coating.

Well done to Mr Simon Nabers and Moore & Moore Café for their efforts on establishing this bicycle storage facility and for the City of Fremantle for accepting the offer.

I hope cyclists recognise the efforts of Moore and Moore Café and support the business.

* The image used in this post has been sourced from Love Freo

2 Responses to City of Fremantle to get a new Bicycle Storage Facility

  1. perthcyclist 20 February 2013 at 9:19 AM #

    Great initiative from Moore & Moore! Next time I come to Freo I’ll have to visit the cafe 😀

    • Andrew Priest 21 February 2013 at 8:45 AM #

      It is a great cafe with bicycle parking right out the front in the form of a car parking bay converted to a green bicycle parking bay.

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