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Having maintained my blog, since November 2007 a few months after my outdoor activities started heading into the world of cycling from a bushwalking background, I feel that it is time to once again take a look at where is heading.  I want to keep as a positive focused blog on bicycling and bushwalking from a Western Australian perspective. I see it also as being a platform for lobbying for improvements in cycling in Western Australia.  While I also believe strongly in lobbying for road safety for cyclists, it is becoming clear pushing for a change in attitude with same elements of the Western Australian Police, and with some motorists and hence I feel that this desire for a safe environment for all vulnerable road users, for all road users may distract from the message, hence my decision to split off the road safety aspect of to a new blog, Cycling and the Police.

Cycling and the Police will be about documenting my life on the road, those things that happen to me as a cyclist from time to time including those incidents that I feel push the boundaries of considerate safe driving and hence call for reporting to the Western Australian Police.

Cycling and the Police will be about documenting those experiences with the Western Australian Police: do they respond in a constructive focus mannered on road safety or do they brush the raising of concerns aside?

Cycling and the Police will be about lobbying for road safety for all users but particularly vulnerable road users: cyclists and pedestrians.

Cycling and the Police will be about the law and cycling in Western Australia. How does the Road Traffic Code 2000  apply to cyclists for example.

Cycling and the POlice will be about sharing advice on how to report incidents.

Finally and most importantly Cycling and the Police is not about blame, it is about being honest about what I experience and foremost is about sharing the road with respect.  I do hope that we all, cyclists and motorists (and I as are most cyclists a motorist too)  learn to share the road with each other.  We all have families that we would like to get home to … if it means one is held up a few seconds, does it really matter? Does it call for hurting someone, maybe even killing them? Do their families, do they deserve such punishment? I don’t believe so and I don’t think most of us believe that either so please share the road with respect and care.

I will be overtime re-blogging the posts from that relate to the focus of this blog to kick-start this blog, this resource on cycling road safety. I hope that we can use all this material to move forward and to make the roads safer for all.

2 Responses to Cycling and the Police

  1. perthcyclist 22 February 2013 at 10:28 AM #

    Probably a good idea to split them off if you think the ‘police’ kind of content is overwhelming the other stuff on the blog. It might be a bit of work maintaining two blogs though!

    • Andrew Priest 22 February 2013 at 11:31 AM #

      I think it is the best move. Initially a bit of work both setting up some information papers and re-blogging but hopefully after that there will be less and less need for it, right? 🙂

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