Silly Cyclist 2013-01 – Overtaking on a Blind Corner


Following on from the rather well-known series of Silly Cyclists videos originating from the United Kingdom I am going to document and discuss the incidents that I experience in 2013 in this series, titled Cyclists and Road Safety – Silly Cyclist.” Hopefully we as cyclists, as city engineers and as promoters of road safety can learn from these experiences.

Silly CYclist 2013-01

Location of the Recreational Shared Path between West Coast Drive and the Esplanade, Scarborough

This first incident occurred on February 12, 2013 on the Recreational Shared Path (RSP) to the south of Scarborough Beach.  This is the section of path which for north bound riders descends steeply from West Coast Highway, winds through the valley of the sand dunes before ascending to the Esplanade.

There are often pedestrians walking dogs, walking with their children and generally walking through the area as well as cyclists of varying skill levels. Adding to the mix, at times the path at the bottom of the descent has sand on it which is not the most fun for those of us running 23 mm tyres.  So all up not the smartest place to be chasing a Strava segment or making stupid passing manoeuvre such as the one by the cyclist in my video.

I was very lucky that day, as was the other cyclist and the bloke he was passing. This act of stupidly could have easily resulted in serious injury for any of those involved. In the not so distant past a similar incident occurred at the Claremont Showgrounds: by all reports a serious head-injury resulted.

The lesson to come from this to remember that smart common sense riding is required on paths as it is on the road, more so in places such as this. This is a shared path, a recreational shared path, not even a principal shared path, and worse one with a descent and corners that can easily result in a mix of speed, lack of vision and pedestrians. Not the place to be chasing a Strava segment!

So for all those cyclists who think it is smart to ride at speed here, it is not. You are just being a silly cyclist, putting yourself and others at risk and for what? A few seconds? Seriously is it worth it?

Please engage your brain, consider other users and SLOW DOWN. Better still “man-up” and get on the road if you want to ride fast.

Also you might want to keep in mind that you face the potential of a culpable driving charge … does a stint in jail really appeal that much?


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