Roundabouts and Cyclists – 1DKZ887 – Incident 2013-02


In my experience as a commuter cyclist one area of the road system where I seem to have more incidents involving motor vehicles is roundabouts. Thankfully to date I have avoided being hit but have some close calls. To get a better understanding of what is happening in terms of roundabouts I have decided to document my experiences in 2013. I also keep a summary of my roundabout incidents.

This particular incident whilst an example of “must get in front” (MGIF) driving which was stupid and illegal (crossed the double white lines) and which gave me a fright I haven’t deemed it “bad enough” to report to the WA Police. Reporting is a costly exercise time wise so I tend to make a judgement call.

The incident occurred on Tuesday February 26, 2013 at 5:15 PM at the intersection of Oceanside Promenade and Warren Way, Mullaloo Beach.

That said, with this incident I was more than a bit upset at the time as I had deliberately and with ample timing moved over to make sure that at the start of the double white lines, the no-passing lines, that I had “claimed the lane.” The purpose of this action is to discourage/stop the very driving that the driver of 1DKZ887 undertook! That is to make sure I have a safe passage through the roundabout without a driver trying to force their way pass.

I guess he/she thought the timing was such that they could get away with it, and well they did in that they didn’t hit me.

This incident is a reminder that whilst claiming the lane will work effectively with most responsible drivers and those drivers who need some encouragement to “think about cyclist safety” there are still some drivers who will simply drive without due care for others.

I just hope that drivers viewing this post grasp just how “expensive” those few seconds can be. Is the world going to end if you don’t get in front? No it isn’t so please …


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