Silly Cyclist 2013-04 Safe Passing on Shared Paths #02

I was out playing on my “favourite” shared path, the Regional Shared Path that runs along West Coast Drive when I had a little wake-up call whilst passing a pedestrian.

I am normally pretty good at checking my mirror, I use a Zefal Spy Mirror, before passing pedestrians on shared paths because you never know if someone will not allow a moment for one to pass safely.

This was one such occasion. This cyclist, it seems from a fair way, back decided he was going to pass me as the rear video shows him on the right side of the path for sometime. I got caught behind a pedestrian which allowed him to close the gap and when I came up behind the pedestrian in the video I moved over to pass her with good clearance only to realise that the cyclist was coming up beside both of us in a passing move.

Whilst I take responsibility for missing him in my mirror, I do find this sort of riding frustrating. You know it is not hard to be considerate, hold back a couple of seconds, allow for a safe pass and then make your own passing move. As it turned out I followed him on the path and once I went back on to the road at Hillary’s Boat Harbour I passed him and never saw him again, so he really gained little if anything.

That said I should have checked my mirror or signalled or head-checked. Lesson learnt!

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