Silly Cyclist 2013-03 Safe Passing on Shared Paths

The joys of riding shared paths 🙂 Sometimes you come across a cyclist or a pedestrian who maybe should have given things a little more thought. This is one such guy. His riding is made worse by his pulling of a trailer (which I don’t believe had a child in it) which of course meant he took longer to pass despite being on an e-bike and he had to be more careful about clearing the cyclist he passed.

Note the reaction by the cyclist being overtaken … suspect he was not too happy either.

What is frustrating is that Mr e-Biker should have seen me, should have realised that even though his on an e-bike on a shared path it does not mean he can or has to be a hoon.  You may also notice that he was not pedalling, so I assume he was relying on his illegal power-assist to get pass (the power assist should only work with pedalling action as I understand it) or he was assuming that his rolling off the hill was enough.

Either way it was stupid impatience riding that achieved very little except to put all three of us at risk of an injury.

A salient lesson in sharing the paths with consideration.

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