Must Get In Front of Cyclist – ICXV623 – Incident 2013-01

It seems Ms Driver had a strong urge to get to an empty car parking bay at Floreat Beach on Thursday February 28, 2103. So urgent that she felt it was worth passing me on a blind corner, a blind corner on West Coast Highway where there often cyclists and motorists coming along.

I appreciate the speeds where not fast, but that does not in my view excuse this impatient driving, more so on the edge of a car-park and area where cyclists and pedestrians and other motorists are the norm. Her driving is made worse by the fact that she was heading to a car-park, a park which she would have got there oh about 30 seconds quicker than had she waited.

I also appreciate that the road is wide here and I was positioned on the left side of the road, however, it still does not making passing on a blind corner okay. Surly this is not rocket science?


Location of the incident involving ICXV623

Anyway for those interested, this incident occurred on West Coast Highway at Floreat Beach, just as one exits Challenger Parade to come into the Floreat Beach car-park.


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