Carbon Rotovelo Velomobile comes in at 18 kg!

Rotovelo Carbon White Side 01

I blogged recently on the new addition to the Rotovelo Velomobile range with the release of the carbon Rotovelo which weighed at 19.5 kg. Well Ben Goodall designer and director at Trisled has now pushed the envelope a little further with the aim of building a Rotovelo that maintained its practically but pushed the weight envelope.


Carbon Rotovelo in White 01

The white Rotovelo tips the scales at 18.4 kg. There is no mention of price but at Trisled’s Facebook page. The initial pricing on the carbon Rotovelo starts at $9,995.  While I do like the look of the carbon Rotovelo and the weight is appealing the level of sophistication of its competitor the Sinner Mango Red Edition still appeals to me and will eventually get my hard-earned.

Carbon Rotovelo White Rear Wheel

Carbon Rotovelo White Front Wheel

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