Have you seen some great cycling infrastructure? Let the ABC Know

Coronation Drive, Brisbane Shared Path

An example of innovative bicycle infrastructure at Coronation Drive, Brisbane

If you have come across some innovative urban or rural bicycle infrastructure please consider completing a two-minute survey providing feedback to the Australian Bicycle Council (ABC).

The Australian Bicycle Council are developing a series of case studies of innovative urban and regional bicycle infrastructure to showcase projects which pilot bicycle infrastructure treatments at mid-block and intersections—treatments which are not part of the Cycling Aspects of Austroads. I would suggest if you are not sure if your example is in the guide or not, just submit it anyway as I am sure the Australian Bicycle Council can sort out what is not part of the guide or not.

The Australian Bicycle Council purpose with this project is to prepare a design resource of innovative, urban bicycle network design, including intersection treatments, mid-block treatments, signals and signage. In our language good cycling infrastructure so if you are aware of good cycling infrastructure please complete the Australian Bicycle Council two-minute online survey.

The two-minute survey seeks to identify the areas of concern in bicycle network design and to identify potential cases for inclusion in the review. We are asked to complete the survey by April 10, 2013 so please act quickly.

For more information on the project please contact or phone Rebecca on 02 8448 1800

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