Wubin-Mullewa Road Gets a bit of an Upgrade

Wubin-Mullewa Road

Wubin-Mullewa Road

In a bit of positive news for our friends in the regions and for touring cyclists, well those that choose to venture off the beaten track of the coastal route north from Perth, the Minister of Transport, The Honourable Troy Buswell has announced that the Perenjori to Morawa section of the Wubin-Mullewa Road will be upgraded.

In September 2012 I actually headed out of Mullewa on the Wubin-Mullewa Road with the intention of riding through to Morawa and further south. I lasted 19 kilometres on this road before I put my life ahead of valour and changed my route, heading back to Mingenew.

I blogged on my experience … this is what I wrote at the time:

From Mullewa I headed off down the Mullewa Wubin Road towards Morawa. That was a big mistake! The road is mainly narrow bitumen (read single lane) with a drop-off on to the dirt. Add to this mix very frequent road trains operated by Pirone’s Sand Supplies who I believe are contracted to Brookfield Rail and who seem to feel that the road was for there for their use only and everyone should get out of the way! I decided that if I spent much more time on this road I would be seriously injured or worse. Hence at the first opportunity I decided to swing west and head to Mingenew instead of Morawa. Thankfully the Wilroy-Kockatea Road was only about 19 kilometres out of Mullewa and I it gave me an option to get through to the Mullewa Mingenew Road.

A side note: I now understand that funding is being provided to upgrade a section of of the Mullewa – Wubin road between Perenjori and Morawa, however this still leaves the section between Mullewa and Morawa that I found so dangerous urgently needing upgrading.

Well that was in November 2012 and so at last the funding has been committed for the Perenjori to Morawa section which is a start but the Mullewa to Morawa section also desperately needs attention.

According to the Minister’s press release, dated April 17, 2013, the Perenjori to Morawa section of the Wubin-Mullewa Road will be widened, from single-lane seal width to two-lane seal width, allowing for a safer mix of heavy and light vehicles. In my view this is really the minimum standard for this road and will hopefully make it a little safer for all road users.

It is great country out there, so it would be great if the more adventurous touring cyclist had an opportunity to explore the area in touch more safety.

2 Responses to Wubin-Mullewa Road Gets a bit of an Upgrade

  1. perthcyclist 19 April 2013 at 10:39 AM #

    that is excellent news, I just reread your ‘chasing the dirt’ blog entries yesterday 😀 maybe something to do with *my* long service leave 😉

    • Andrew Priest 19 April 2013 at 9:40 PM #

      Go for it. A great way to use your long service leave 🙂

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