Big Plans for Biking [in Fremantle]

Cycling in Fremantle

according to a feel-good story in the Fremantle Herald, Saturday April 20, 2013 on page 8.

FREMANTLE council has an ambitious plan to get one-third of residents on bikes by the year 2030.

Currently just three per cent of locals cycle, but it makes Fremantle bike-mad compared to a 1.2 per cent state average.

A long-awaited bike plan will go before council next month and mayor Brad Pettiit says it will ensure Fremantle has an integrated network of cycle lanes and facilities to make cycling both safe and pleasurable.

He hoped to double the rates of cycle-users every five years, with the aim to become similar to Copenhagen, the bike capital of Europe, which has a 36 per cent rate of bike-use.

“It has been amazing to see the huge resurgence in cycling the last few years and without a doubt Fremantle is leading the charge on this in WA,” he says.

“Cycling has up to now been the neglected tool in the chest of solutions for Perth’s transport problems. Far greater investment in bike lanes and more bike riding could see Perth become a more sustainable and less congested city.”

Part of the plan will see, “large physical networks necessary for the functioning of a well connected bicycle network”.

For those interested the Fremantle Bicycle User Group (BUG) can be contacted at or at Google Groups and full article in the Fremantle Herald is available here.

2 Responses to Big Plans for Biking [in Fremantle]

  1. Colin, Perth Western Australia 27 July 2013 at 6:57 PM #

    I reckon Freo has a better chance and committment than we see from others. Good luck to them.

    • Andrew Priest 29 July 2013 at 8:50 PM #

      Well yes whilst they are still the City of Fremantle. I am not so positive about the future once the City is swallowed up by the City of Melville.

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