Surly Pugsley Bicycle Forks Recalled in Australia & USA


Surly Pugsley Yellow Forks Recalled – Source: Surly Bikes

Surly Pugsley bicycles have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with the Dirt Works Australia Pty Ltd due to an issue with the 135 mm spacing yellow forks fitted to the Surly Pugsley bicycles sold in Australia between October 12, 2012 to May 6, 2013. The forks where made by Aprebic Industry Co. Ltd, of Taiwan.  Please note that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice refers to 135 mm forks that are black, yellow or red and are stamped with date code 2012 06 19 on the steerer tube and also to 100 mm forks.  The Surly Bikes recall notice on their website also refers to Surly 100 mm non-offset bicycle forks.  I am assuming Dirt Works Australia only brought in yellow coloured fork 135 mm fork.

Surly Pugsley Fork Defect

Surly 135 mm recalled Pugsley forks

Surly Pugsley 135 mm Fork Recalled – Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission

It seems, according to Product Safety Recalls Australia that there is a risk that the fork may bend above the disc tab (disc caliper mounting) during normal use. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that Surly Bikes have received one report of a fork bending above the disc brake mount and that no injuries have been reported.

sury pugsley recalled fork id details

Recalled Surly Pugsley 135 mm fork identifying marks. Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission

The identifying feature of your bike is date code “2012 / 06 / 19”. The date code is stamped onto the steerer tube of the fork. The fork must be removed from the bicycle in order to see the date code. If the date code is not readily visible, it can be seen by rubbing the area with steel wool or a dish scourer to make the engraving easier to see.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice includes additional identifying information. This additional information is that the model number FK3175, FK3181 or FK0706 is printed on the packaging for forks sold individually.  Also that Surly Pugsley bicycle models FM3110-3114, FM3175-79, BK3110-14 and BK3175-79 were sold with the recalled forks as original equipment. The bicycle’s model number is printed on the bicycle’s packaging.

My suggestion is that if you own a Surly Pugsley or one of these forks you should contact the bike shop you purchased the Pugsley or fork from to have the fork replaced free of charge.  For Australian consumers if you want further information on this recall please contact Dirt Works Australia Pty Ltd.


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