Sea to Summit HeadNet (Mosquito Net) Owner Review

Sea to Summit HeadNetI been using a Sea to Summit HeadNet since my Chasing the Dirt bicycle tour in July 2012 and I am now on my second HeadNet since losing my first during the bicycle tour. I sorely missed my HeadNet having to resort to a less than idea mosquito head net that I picked up a roadhouse.

This review is of the untreated Sea to Summit HeadNet, not the HeadNet treated with Insect Shield® Permethrin.

Sea to Summit HeadNet Specifications

Sea to Summit HeadNet - Stuff Sack

Sea to Summit HeadNet in its Stuff Sack

The Sea to Summit HeadNet has a claimed weight of 37 grams and mine when in its stuff sack weighs 26 grams so a nice weight saving on the manufacturer’s weights there. It really is a nice small package taking up very little room.

Sea to Summit describe the HeadNet as …

  • Black mesh netting offers better visibility than white mesh;
  • Fine, 500 hole per square inch hexagonal mesh which is made of a soft multifilament polyester;
  • Packaged in its own tiny stuff sack;
  • Elasticised draw cord closure;
  • Wide enough to wear with a hat or without

Durability and Performance of the Sea to Summit HeadNet

My comments on the Sea to Summit HeadNet are based on my use of it through most of the 3,000 km of riding my Chasing the Dirt tour. I found I was using the HeadNet most days at times due to flies giving me a hard time, particular on the slow climbs up the hills. I really didn’t encounter mosquitoes when I had the HeadNet so my experiences are very much from a fly protection perspective only.


I don’t experience any noticeable detonation in my visibility when wearing the Sea to Summit HeadNet and I was comfortable with riding my bike with the HeadNet on.

Comfort and Protection

Sea to Summit HeadNet Mesh and Toggle

Sea to Summit HeadNet Mesh and Toggle

I find the Sea to Summit HeadNet comfort to wear as long as it is not too hot. I did find that it increased the heat around my face to the point that on the slow climbs I would at times feel a real need to lift it up to get some air flow over my face. On the other hand it did not restrict my breathing, but it did without a doubt reduce airflow.

In terms of wearing it over my helmet I didn’t find this an issue at all. The Sea to Summit HeadNet is wide enough for a comfortable fit over a bicycle helmet in my experience.

There is also a toggle to allow for the tightening of the bottom of the HeadNet but I found I didn’t need to this. The way the HeadNet fitted over my helmet worked fine for me.

So does it work? I found it worked a treat at keeping the flies off my face, however, with insect repellant on I still go the fly buzzing around the outside of the HeadNet so if this annoys you, insect repellant is still required.

I tend to pull the Sea to Summit HeadNet over my helmet and lift it up and leave it there, pulling it up and down as needed. However care needs to be taken that the HeadNet does not get blown off the helmet. I suspect that is what happened to my first one.

Overall I am happy with the Sea to Summit HeadNet which is why I purchased a replacement one.

The good, the bad, the ugly of the

The Good

  • It works; it keeps the flies off my face which is what I want.

The Bad

  • Can restrict air flow around the face meaning that one can get hot with it on.

The Ugly

  • Nothing.

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2 Responses to Sea to Summit HeadNet (Mosquito Net) Owner Review

  1. jet 19 May 2013 at 9:30 AM #

    Thanks for the review Andrew, I was thinking about getting one of these. Now I will 😉

    • Andrew Priest 19 May 2013 at 9:41 AM #

      Just watch it does not blow off your helmet if you lift it up. They are so light so this can happen easily.

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