You can Pass Cyclists Safely – Qube Logistics Proves It

Qube Logistics

It’s not often, but now and then I have a chance to post a positive example of respectful safe driving. This is one such example. My big thanks go out to the Qube Logistics (P&O Transport) driver of truck number P501 who came up behind me on Cockburn Road, Coogee, WA on the morning of Monday June 24, 2013 and managed to not only pass with good clearance but to wait to do so: all of which whilst driving a semi-trailer!

What is great about this story is that this Qube Logistics driver, Instead of pushing pass and putting me at risk like the driver earlier in the month on the same road, this driver backed off and waited patiently for an opportunity to pass safely and when he/she did pass they did so with good clearance and at a safe speed.

The funny thing about this is that they had to wait about 30 seconds; yep 30 seconds was the difference between a possible serious incident and a safe pass.  Really makes you wonder about the attitude of some drivers who seem to think that a delay of 30 seconds is enough to put a life a risk. Thankfully this Qube Logistics driver didn’t think like this.

I have passed on my thanks to Qube Logistics and I hope this driver is told of my appreciation. We need more of the likes of him or her without a doubt.


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