Subiaco Bike Plan Community Survey


The City of Subiaco is seeking your comments in their latest attempt at a City of Subiaco Bike Plan. They are seeking responses from cyclists and non-cyclists via a community survey.

The City of Subiaco last attempt at a Bike Plan was in 2011 when they failed it seems to spend a Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grant provided for the very purpose. Then we had the Shenton Park Traffic Management Plan which was abandoned in 2012. Fingers crossed this time; maybe a case of third time lucky?

If you are keen to have a say and hopefully contribute to an actual City of Subiaco Bike Plan you can complete the Bike Plan Community Survey. However you do need to be logged in first to complete the survey so registration is needed.

The surveys, there is one for bike riders and one for non-bike riders close at 5pm on Friday 8 November 2013. The bike riders survey is a pretty simple survey seeking information on what sort rider you, what sort of trips you take in Subiaco.

I guess it will provide some useful information.

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