Perth’s Principal Shared Paths Neglected till at least 2017

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane

Thanks to the Bicycle Transport Alliance who have posted a map of the scheduled construction program for Perth’s Principal Shared Paths out to 2017. Looking at the map posted by the Bicycle Transport Alliance the state of development of our Principal Shared Paths [PSP] are not looking good for the foreseeable future.  It seems that the current government is a greater fan of congestion than it is of sustainable alternative transport.

In summary the scheduled construction is as follows:

Fremantle to Perth PSP

June 2015 Completion – Shenton Park Station to Loch Street Station (North side of Fremantle Rail Line, Nedlands) – This section of the Fremantle PSP was a Mains Road “top priority” in October 2012, now it seems to a bottom-draw priority with completion pushed out two years.

Oh, that is all that is planed to for the Fremantle to Perth Principal Shared Path!

Midland PSP

  1. Completion December 2014 – Bassendean Station to Lord Street (North side of Midland Rail Line, Bassendean
  2. Completion December 2014 – Lord Street Underpass(West Road to Success Hill section)
  3. Completion June 2015 – Guildford Station to Morrison Road(North side of Midland Rail Line, Guildford to Midland)

Northern PSP

  1. Completion December 2014 – Erindale Road to Balcatta Road (West side Mitchell Freeway, Gwelup). There is some movement on this project according to the discussion at the Australian Bicycle Network forums.
  2. Completion June 2017 – Civic Place to Karrinyup Road, east side of Mitchell Freeway, Stirling
  3. Completion December 2016 – Karrinyup Road to Erindale Road (East side of Mitchell Freeway, Stirling)

Southern PSP

  1. Completion June 2014 – Mill Point Road to Thelma Street (West side of Kwinana Freeway, South Perth)
  2. Completion June 2014 – Scandrett Way and London Way (West side of Kwinana Freeway, Bateman

In light of what has happened with Fremantle PSP “top priority” I don’t think we should be holding our breath on any of these projects. Maybe time to let your local Member of Parliament and your Members of the Legislative Council know your feelings on the progress of development and the lack of focus on sustainable alternative transport.


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