Be Safe – FOX 2013 Evolution Series Bicycle Fork Recalled

FOX 2013 Evolution Series Fork Recalled

FOX 2013 Evolution series bicycle forks have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with SOLA Sport Pty Ltd due to an issue with the damper units in some forks not adequately venting oil that flows in during normal operation.

FOX Evolution Bicycle Fork Defect

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising that the damper units in some of 2013 Fox Evolution bicycle forks may not adequately vent oil that flows during normal operation. This means that internal damper pressure can then overcome the seal head retaining ring and cause the damper to break. A broken damper will decrease certain performance characteristics of the fork, and in some cases the undamped air spring might break and allow the lower unit of the fork to separate from the bicycle.

If you have one of the affected Radius bicycle models you are advised to stop using the Radius bicycle immediately and contact your local Radius dealer to arrange for a new front axle to be fitted to the bike.

Recalled FOX Evolution Bicycle Fork Identifying Features

The 2013 FOX Evolution bicycle forks recalled are the FOX Model year 2013, 32 and 34 Evolution Series Forks having 120-160mm of travel. They have “Evolution Series” appearing on the largest left and right decals.

To decide whether your forks are affected enter the serial number at FOX Recall page.

If the fork is within the recall range, you should stop using the fork immediately and contact your local bike store. You will receive a free upgrade damper for the recalled fork, to be installed by FOX or by a qualified retailer. If the fork is not within the recall range, you are okay to continue using the fork.

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