Attadale to get New Dual-use Path

map attadale foreshore dual use path

Dual-use path proposed for section between Pages and Roberts Street

The Melville Times is reporting that a decision has been made at the November 2013 Melville City Council meeting to approve a new dual-use path for the Attadale foreshore.

Emma Clayton of the Melville Times is reporting that “long-term erosion of the foreshore at Burke Drive, between Roberts Road and Page Street, has led to destruction of the pathway. The area of eroded land has been fenced off.”

Looking at Google maps I suspect that this path is of little use/interest to most cyclists riding in the area, who make use of Burke Drive, but it would be an improvement for families and others looking for a casual ride along the river fore-shore.

There does seem to be some opposition to the proposed dual-use path so it may still not happen. Time will tell I guess.

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