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Research into the Dooring of Cyclists

Johnson, Newstead, Oxley and Charlton (2013) contribute to our understanding of cyclists, dooring-zones (also known as killing-zones), cycling infrastructure and driver behaviour through an investigation into cyclist crashes with open vehicle doors. The authors analyse Victorian police reported crashes, hospital data and naturalistic cycling video footage and found that the number of cyclist-open vehicle door […]

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Cyclists Red-light Running Behaviours in Taiwan

Pai and Jou (2013) provide a contribution to our understanding of cyclists and red-light jumping or running as the authors call it by looking a number of possible contributory factors in the context of Taiwan. This paper adds to the early works of the Johnson, Newstead, Charlton & Oxley (2011) and Johnson, Charlton, Oxley & […]

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Road Deaths – October 2013 – How have Cyclists Fared?

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport’s Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics publishes monthly, a summary report on road deaths in Australia. This issue is dated October 2013. The full summary report is available from my Dropbox. Whilst my interest here is the outcomes for cyclists, there where 1,219 road deaths in the 12 […]

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