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P-38 Rides on Water

I took my LoGo Lightning P-38 for an evening ride around the Fremantle Harbour including checking out the new bike path to Rous Head (North Mole).  It seems that my recumbent has developed some “Jesus” powers as it rode on water going by the map that showed up in Strava and Ride With GPS 🙂 […]

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Magnets are Flippin Awesome

I am a bit of a Sugru fan having used it on Surly Long Haul Trucker in combination with my PedalPower+ Super-I-Cable so this latest idea/kit from Sugru caught my attention. I think I will have to register to get in early on the kits. I have a PowerTraveller Minigorrilla coming my way and I […]

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Road Deaths – November 2013 – A Little Good News; Just a Little

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport’s Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics publishes monthly, a summary report on road deaths in Australia. This issue is dated November 2013. The full summary report is available from my Dropbox. Whilst my interest here is the outcomes for cyclists, there where 1,196 road deaths in the 12 […]

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Scarborough Views – Have your Say

  The Metropolitan Regional Authority (MRA) is seeking our help shape the future of Scarborough Beach via a survey at the Scarborough Views website.  The website provides an opportunity for cyclists to share their vision for the revitalisation of Scarborough.  Please take a moment to have your say and push for better cycling infrastructure in Scarborough. The […]

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