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CycleSafe WA whose aims are to engage stakeholders to enable cyclists of all levels of ability to cycle safely in Western Australia are circulating a petition calling for improved cyclist safety in Western Australia.

Cyclist Safety Petition

CycleSafe WA aim to collect 10,000 signatures on the Cyclist Safety petition before presenting it to Western Australian Legislative Council.

In Western Australia, petitions cannot be presented electronically so you will need to seek out and sign a hardcopy of the Cyclist Safety petition. You will find the petition at most major bike shops, events and retailers.  If you can help distributing the petition please contact CycleSafe WA.

Having to have hardcopy petitions in 2014 is frustrating and once again stifles with the community engagement in our government of the day.  Western Australia really needs to adopt the Queensland State government approach which allows electronic petitioning. It would make it so much easier to then engage with the community and to allow them to communicate their views to the parliament, the parliament who is meant to represent them.

Getting back to the petition, the full wording  can be found at the CycleSafe WA website but the four outcomes being sought are:

  1. Investigating and reporting on how collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles are investigated and prosecuted.
  2. A move to implement a change in legislation relating to collisions between pedal cyclists and motor vehicles. CycleSafe WA are seeking the adoption of Strict Liability (Relative), where liability of the offender (driver) is presumed unless the driver is able to prove that the accident did not occur as a result of negligent behaviour;
  3. Implementing, or causing to be implemented a broad education program focussed on new and existing drivers, the media, and enforcement agencies as to the legal rights of cyclists on public roads.
  4. Supporting a comprehensive cycling facilities plan that identifies major recreational and commuting cycling routes and improving the safety of these routes through appropriate measures, including road widening, consideration of traffic furniture, signage advising other traffic of the frequency of cyclists, and any other measures that Parliament considers necessary or beneficial to achieve improve safety of cyclists and other road users.

All are worthy outcomes to seek in my view and I wish CycleSafe WA all the best with the petition and their efforts.

What are you thoughts on the petition? Will you sign it? Do you think the outcomes being sought are achievable? If you know of locations where the petition can be signed please let us know.  Please  also do share your thoughts below in the comments box.

One Response to Cyclist Safety: WA Petition

  1. Skippy 7 January 2014 at 8:40 PM #

    THIS PETITION is a ” No Brainer ” , it sets out in a COMMON SENSE Manner , what should be obvious to even Kindergarten/primary school kids , the manner ALL Vehicle Drivers/Operators SHOULD BEHAVE ! That they don’t currently , is a disgrace and deminishes the W.A. Authorities !

    As to the W.A. Gov. trying to limit the ability of People to contribute , it is understandable that they ONLY want W.A. Citizens to contribute . Meanwhile , since my input is NOT REQUIRED , even though i have lived & worked in W.A. , i will not include it in any travel plans ! If someone sends me the appropriate form , i will POST back hardcopy !

    Please add support to these :

    petition :

    Facebook :

    Let’s ALL SHOW the Federal & State poli.s that CYCLISTS are VOTERS , deserving of their ATTENTION !

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