Kwinana Freeway PSP Upgrade Project – January to May 2014

Thanks to JAB1982 at the Australian Cycling Forums for the heads-up on the upgrade to the Kwinana Freeway Principal Shared Path (PSP) which is planned from January 2014. The signage on site suggests a five month timeframe for the upgrade, however Mainroads WA suggest that the first stage will take about eight weeks and the second stage a further four weeks, a total of three months. Lets hope it is the lesser of the two timeframes.

Kwinana Freeway PSP Upgrade – Narrows Bridge to Thelma Street Footbridge

Mainroads WA have advised that the Kwinana Freeway PSP will be upgraded between Narrows Bridge and the Thelma Street Footbridge at the same time as river foreshore improvement works are undertaken.  In summary the PSP will be widen where possible to four metres and a pre-cast concrete wave deflector wall will be installed on the retaining wall near Judd Street to minimise river overflow in high tidal and severe weather.  As well the sloping revetment on the bank of the Swan River between Bowman Street and Lyall Street will also be strengthened.

The project is expected to cost $3.1 million which is being funded by the State Government’s (no the taxpayers’) 2013-14 Infrastructure for Community Access Program (Department of Transport) and the Network Safety Improvement Program.

Mainroads WA state that the Kwinana Freeway PSP upgrade is about:

  • Improving mobility and safety for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Improving access for maintenance vehicles and minimise future PSP damage
  • Improving the PSP alignment to improve visibility
  • Ensuring the long-term life of the PSP

Lets hope these prove to be the outcomes.

Kwinana Freeway PSP Upgrade – Stage 1 – Widening and Reconstruction Works

During stage 1 the focus is on the widening and reconstruction works from the southern end of the work site (south of Thelma Street) to just north of the Hardy Street footbridge. During this stage a detour from Cale Street footbridge to the Narrows Bridge will be in place. It is anticipated that stage 1 will take about eight weeks to complete.

Kwinana Freeway PSP Upgrade – Stage 2 – Hardy Street to Narrows Bridge

Stage 2 includes the final and more complicated section between Hardy Street and the Narrows Bridge and includes the river wall works. This will take up to a further four weeks to complete and will need a detour from Hardy Street through to the Narrows Bridge.

Kwinana Freeway PSP Upgrade – Share your Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the Kwinana Freeway PSP Upgrade? Something that is long overdue? Not worth the disruption? How is the upgrade going to impact on you? Is it impacting on you? Have the detours been put in place with cyclists safety in mind? Do share your thoughts on the upgrade both now and as it progress in the comments box below.

Kwinana Freeway PSP Upgrade Resources:

  1. Mainroads Urban Projects Page – Kwinana Freeway (Narrows Bridge to Thelma Street footbridge) Principal Shared Path and associated Swan River foreshore improvements
  2. Australian Cycling Forums – Discussion of the Kwinana Freeway PSP upgrade


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