1DPP-232 versus Cyclist – WA Police Report

1DPP-232 Vehicle Reported to WA Police

I decided to report this incident via the WA Police online Road Traffic Form as I found the driver’s driving (off-camera) intimidating and her response to me (finger) suggests that she needs to learn to “enjoy the ride.” Had she not reacted in this way I would have probably let it pass to the keeper but I am glad that I didn’t.

WA Police Response to 1DPP-232 Driving

On Tuesday January 14, 2014 I received a courteous phone call from Sergeant Way at WA Police Fremantle station advising that the driver of 1DPP-232 had been issued a formal caution. I was also spoken to about my riding; it seems I should have been further to my left on the approach to the first corner.

1DPP-232 Incident Report to the WA Police

I filed the complaint as detailed below using the WA Police online Road Traffic Form  along with a link to this video on YouTube as opposed to a more formal compliant via letter with a DVD as I considered it of lesser nature, but one still warranting a report.

I was riding my LoGOo Lightning P-38 bicycle in a northerly direction on Peter Hughes Drive, Fremantle, passing the E-Sheds Markets on my right and the C Shed on my left. At approximately 5:26 PM on January 12, 2014 (I left home at 5:07 PM and had been riding for 19 minutes at this point in time). as I entered the sharp right turn which is followed by a sharp left turn (there is also a unnamed road that enters from the south here as well) on Peter Hughes Drive I became aware in my right rear vision mirror of a vehicle partially to my right and very close.

I continued traveling through the right and left turns in a northerly direction very aware of the close proximity of the vehicle behind me and partially to my right, which I found intimidating and concerning. At this time I was travelling at approximately 27 to 28 km/h (as per my GPS) and hence I attempted to clear the corners as quickly as I could to avoid further intimidation.

As I exited the left hand corner I was aware that the vehicle was passing on my right despite there being double white lines. As the vehicle passed I called out slow down lady or words to that effect. I became aware at this point that the female driver of the vehicle had turned into her seat and was looking back at me rather. Then as she drove off she gave me the “proverbial finger” with her left arm.

I would describe the driver as being in her early forties, long blond hair, burst blood vessels (or red markings) on her left cheek. There was a passenger in the left front passenger seat but I couldn’t see their face.

I found the driver’s behaviour intimidating and inappropriate. It took me approximately 30 seconds to ride through both corners, hardly a delay to warrant the driving experienced or being intimidated in this manner.

The video of the incident can be viewed on the video downloadable at [link removed] orit can viewed at YouTube at [unlisted] or a copy can be provided on DVD. I have retained the full unedited video file that this extracted video has been taken from if required.

If you wish to use this complaint as a template you are most welcome to.

Thoughts on the Reporting of the Incident Involving 1DPP-232

Your thoughts on the incident, my riding or the reporting of incident are most welcome. You can leave a comment below via the comments box.

One Response to 1DPP-232 versus Cyclist – WA Police Report

  1. Kris Rhodes 17 January 2014 at 5:37 PM #

    According to WA ORS, there is no legal requirement to ride further to the left on the approach. To do so would have allowed cars to pass you more easily, however that also runs the risk of putting you in a position of danger entering the corner.

    While on that note, the specific wording of the law where I live recognizes that it may be unsafe to ride closer to the right:
    RCW 46.61.770 Riding on roadways and bicycle paths
    1) Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway at a rate of speed less than the normal flow of traffic at the particular time and place shall ride as near to the right side of the right through lane as is safe…

    The reasoning behind this is obvious (debris, obstacles, etc.) but the implications are important: If I feel the safest place to ride is the side furthest from the curb for whatever reason, I have every legal right to do that.

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