Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes in the City of Perth

Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes

The City of Perth has developed a proposal to temporarily ‘re-purpose’ the now redundant bus lane in Barrack Street, Perth as an on-road bi-directional bicycle lane, the Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes. If approved the temporary lanes would be installed in late March 2014 and stay in place until early 2015, when the City of Perth plans to install permanent bicycle lanes. It has only taken them four years … I blogged on Barrack Street back in 2010!

The City of Perth is currently seeking your say on its plans. If you would like to have a say on the Barrack Street bicycle lanes please send an email to the City of Perth at The opportunity to comment closes on February 7, 2014.

Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes

The City of Perth is working to change the focus of Barrack Street from traffic and transport street to a more people friendly street (how refreshing is for the City to recognise the difference in street landscapes and the value of people friendly streets!). As Barrack Street is now ‘bus free’ (with the exception of the CAT buses) the City of Perth is proposing to provide a much-needed on-road bicycle lane.

With the Public Transport Authority relocating its buses to William Street, the existing bus lane is redundant as a bus lane, providing an opportunity for the City of Perth to temporarily ‘re-purpose’ the lane as a bicycle lane, the Barrack Street Bicycle Lane.

The City of Perth has put together a flyer on the temporary Barrack Street Bicycle lanes which you can download from my Dropbox.

North-South Cycle Link

In addition to the Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes discussed above, permanent cycle lanes are to be introduced in the section of Barrack Street, between St Georges Terrace and Riverside Drive mid 2014 (as part of the State Government’s Elizabeth Quay works).

These lanes, together with the temporary cycle lane, would provide cyclists with a continuous dedicated cycle link between the river and Northbridge.

It is intended that the temporary cycle lanes be in place until such time as the City of Perth installs the permanent cycle lanes between St Georges Terrace and Wellington Street.

The details of these plans will be provided later in the year once these have been further developed.

How The Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes Will Work

The bus lane will be divided into two cycle lanes: south-north and north-south. For safety, the cycle lanes would be physically separated from the traffic lanes.  The Red and Blue CAT buses that continue to run in Barrack St will travel in the general traffic lane and pull into the kerb to pick up and drop off passengers at the new single bus stop location between Hay and Murray Street.

In order to avoid the interaction of bus and cyclists, cyclists would be directed into a ‘shared zone’ on the footpath directly behind the bus stop area. Pedestrians would have priority in this ‘shared zone’ and cyclists would need to be extra vigilant and take care.

No Change to Motorised Traffic due to Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes

With the introduction of temporary Barrack Street bicycle lanes, motorised traffic will not be affected in any way. The existing road capacity for motorised traffic will not be changed.

Comments on the Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes

I don’t ride into the city as a rule so not that familiar with the riding here so would love to hear from cyclists who commute into the city. Please do share your thoughts on the Barrack Street Bicycle lanes in the comments box below.


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