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Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes in the City of Perth

The City of Perth has developed a proposal to temporarily ‘re-purpose’ the now redundant bus lane in Barrack Street, Perth as an on-road bi-directional bicycle lane, the Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes. If approved the temporary lanes would be installed in late March 2014 and stay in place until early 2015, when the City of Perth […]

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Rail Tunnel in John Forest National Park Closed

The Department of Parks and Wildlife has advised that the Swan View Tunnel (the rail tunnel) in the John Forest National Park has been closed  until further notice due to the recent bushfire in the  park.  The rail tunnel is part of the popular Railway Reserves Heritage Trail. It is unclear if the trail through […]

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1DPP-232 versus Cyclist – WA Police Report

I decided to report this incident via the WA Police online Road Traffic Form as I found the driver’s driving (off-camera) intimidating and her response to me (finger) suggests that she needs to learn to “enjoy the ride.” Had she not reacted in this way I would have probably let it pass to the keeper […]

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