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Cyclist safety performance functions for a U.S. city

A method for creating bicycle-specific safety performance functions or cyclist safety performance functions  like that used for motor vehicles in the United States Highway Safety Manual and application of that method to motorist-cyclist collisions at intersections in Boulder, Colorado is the focus of this interesting research paper, titled “Bicyclist safety performance functions for a U.S. […]

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Cyclists’ Alcohol Consumption Helmet Use and Head Trauma in Germany

The association of cyclists’ alcohol consumption and helmet use in Germany is the focus of this research paper published in the journal, Accident Analysis and Prevention. The paper titled “Alcohol consumption, helmet use and head trauma in cycling collisions in Germany” reached some interesting collusions none of which really shows in my view a strong […]

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Cyclists Visibility Aids and Motor-vehicle Collisions

A recent paper published in Accident Analysis & Prevention titled “The relationship between visibility aid use and motor vehicle related injuries among bicyclists presenting to emergency departments” examines whether cyclists visibility aids reduce the risk of a motor-vehicle collisions in an Canadian context. Cyclists Visibility Aids The study looked at the use of nine “visibility […]

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