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Cycle Training for Children Not Increasing Participation

Cycle training for children improves skill levels as you would expect but this study of primary children in Belgium recently published in Accident Analysis and Prevention does not find evidence of increased participation or improved attitudes in parents towards cycling five months after their participation in cycle training. Whilst it is great and probably expected that […]

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Austroads’ Take on Good Infrastructure Design for Cyclists

Good road and infrastructure design for cyclists, for people who choose to ride bicycles is the focus of the Austroads guide, Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guide which has been updated in 2014.  Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides is about providing information that relates to the planning, design and traffic management of cycling facilities.  Interested readers […]

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52 Cyclists Killed on Australian Roads

Fifty two cyclists have died on our roads, yes they are our roads during the past 12 months. Families suffering the grief of lost ones. How many more families need to suffer before we take responsibility? Fifty two cyclists is a 33.3% increase, yes a 1/3 increase in deaths over the 12 months ended February […]

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