Scott Speedster 2014 Road Bikes Product Safety Recall

SCOTT Speedster 30 Recalled

Recalled SCOTT Speedster 30


SCOTT Speedster 2014 road bikes (Bike Speedster 30 and Bike Speedster 40 plus the Bike Contessa Speedster 25 have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with SCOTT Sports SA due to an issue with the fork which may break causing the wheels to detach while cycling.

SCOTT Speedster 2014 Fork Failures

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising the forks on 2014 model SCOTT Speedster road bikes may break, causing the front wheel to detach.

SCOTT Speedster 2014 Road Bikes Affected by the Recall

Recalled SCOTT Speedster 40

Recalled SCOTT Speedster 40

Recalled SCOTT Contessa Speedster 25

Recalled SCOTT Contessa Speedster 25

The recall applies to three specific SCOTT Speedster 2014 road bike models, namely:

234119 Bike Speedster 30 (CD20)
234120 Bike Speedster 40 (CD18)
234188 Bike Contessa Speedster 25 (30)

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising that only bikes within the following serial number ranges are included in the recall:


The bikes where sold in Australia between September 1, 2013 and May 30, 2014.

SCOTT Speedster 2014 Road Bikes Recalled: Action to take

If you are an owner of a SCOTT Speedster 2014 road bike you should stop riding the bike immediately and return your bike to an authorised Scott retailer to have the fork replaced at no cost.

For further information, well there is no further information. SCOTT Sports SA website is at but there is no mention of the recall. I guess the best option is your local SCOTT dealer.

If you have one of the SCOTT Speedster 2014 road bikes affected by the recall, do please let us know your your experience with the recall.

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