Perth to Midland PSP extended to Success Hill

Opening Bassenden PSP

The opening of the Bassendean section of the Guildford Road PSP in 2012

Main Roads Western Australia have announced that they are extending the Western Australian Bicycle Network by building a new stretch of the Perth to Midland Principal Shared Path (PSP) from Bassendean Railway Station to Success Hill Railway Station. Construction of the extension of the principle shared path actually started May and is expected to be completed by October 2014.  This completion scheduled is ahead of the initially announced completion date of December 2014 so well done to Main Roads Western Australia for that.

The 850m stretch of the principal shared path between Bassendean Railway Station and Success Hill Railway Station will be three metres wide and complemented by lighting, signage and line markings (as it should be).  A small bridge will be constructed over the existing Wilson Street underpass. At the eastern end, the main alignment of the principal shared path will continue under the West Road Bridge (Lord Street ?) near Success Hill.

During July 2014  there will be a closure of the Wilson Street underpass to facilitate installation of the decking for the new bridge being built over the existing Wilson Street underpass.  Main Roads Western Australian have stated that the closure will be advertised in advance to principal shared path users and the closure will require cyclists and pedestrians to cross at the Bassendean train station bridge.

This $3 million project which at 850 metres of path, works out at $3,529 per metre of principle shared path is being funded by the State Government, whoops I mean Western Australian taxpayers. It is being suggested that it will provide an alternative for cyclists using Railway Parade, which should be a good thing.

The good news is that principle shared path out to Midland is slowly creeping east.  With the scheduled for completion in 2015 section of the Perth to Midland principle shared path from Guildford Station to Morrison Road on the north side of Midland Rail Line, the path out to Midland is getting close to finished.  All that will be left is the difficult section from Success Hill to Guildford which includes the crossing of the Swan River.

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