Trek SR Suntour Suspension Forks Australian Safety Recall

Various Trek SR Suntour equipped bicycles sold between 2010 and 2014 with SR Suntour NRX (IS mount only) or SR Suntour XCM (29”), XCT (29”) or NEX (700c) suspension forks have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with Trek Bicycle Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd due to an issue with the fork dropouts.

Trek SR Suntour Product Safety Recall

Trek SR Suntour Fork Failures

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising that Trek SR Suntour bikes equipped with Suntour NRX (IS mount only) or SR Suntour XCM (29”), XCT (29”) or NEX (700c) suspension forks may fail due to the dropouts breaking. It is unclear as to exactly what is happening with the dropouts other than they may “break.” If you have one of the following Trek models you should take note of this recall.

  • Model year 2011: Montare, Utopia, Wahoo, Marlin and Marlin SS
  • Model year 2012: 8.3 DS, 8.4 DS, 8.5 DS, Marlin, Marlin SS, Neko SL and Wahoo
  • Model year 2013: 8.3 DS, 8.4 DS, 8.5 DS, 8.6 DS, Cali, Marlin, Neko SL and Wahoo

The Trek SR Suntour bike models listed above were sold in Australia between September 1, 2010 and June 25, 2014, so basically a four-year period.

Trek SR Suntour Fork Recall: Action to take

Consumers with the affected Trek SR Suntour model bicycles listed above should stop using their bicycle and take it to a Trek retailer for inspection and repair immediately. For bicycles fitted with an affected NRX (IS mount only) fork, consumers will receive a replacement RST Vita fork. For bicycles fitted with an affected XCM (29”), XCT (29”) or NEX (700c) fork, consumers will receive a special quick release and washer to replace the original quick release.

If you have one of the Trek SR Suntour bikes affected by the recall, do please let us know your experience with the recall.

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2 Responses to Trek SR Suntour Suspension Forks Australian Safety Recall

  1. Jason Grima 27 July 2014 at 3:02 AM #

    I have two of the affected bikes; my 2013 8.5 DS (hybrid 27 speed), and my 2013 Marlin (24 speed “mountain” bike) are both on the list – I put “mountain” in quotes, because the Marlin isn’t truly a mountain bike in it’s stock configuration, the forks it comes with are pretty poor, and the mechanical disc-brakes are pretty underwhelming (at best they are merely usable for stopping a modest-speed descent), and the Bontrager 29×2.1″ tires it comes with are pretty sad for gravel or mud use – but the frame is solid and the geometry is good, so it’s fine platform to build on, for the price-point.

    Anyway…having done some 9000+ km on my DS since purchasing it in December 2012, I’m not concerned that my bike, specifically, was affected by the manufacturing defect, but you never can be too careful!

    I had registered my purchase with (with the serial number and my email address, and postal address) the week I bought the bike, and I was actually notified of the recall both via email (26th June), and a physical letter 1 day later. Curiosly, neither the email, nor the letter mentioned the Marlin being affected by the recall!

    I took my DS and my letter to my local dealer (Bike Force, Southern River) who contacted Trek and got in the replacement forks 3 days later (via “overnight” bag).

    1 week after being notified of the issue, I had my bike back, with the new forks (RST Vita, as noted in the recall statement) which I’m happy are colour-matched and feature-matched to the recalled NRX.

    For my Marlin, having upgraded the forks to a RockShox SID (for actual offroad use) I don’t intend to take action for this bike. But I might contact Trek about the recall notice as I still have the PDF version (but not the letter) and it definitely doesn’t mention the Marlin, though mine did come with the Suntour XCM forks, and my brother has the same bike (and has not upgraded the forks).

    • Aushiker 27 July 2014 at 9:53 AM #

      Thanks Jason for your detailed comments on the recall process with your Trek bicycles. It does sound like that Trek are handling this well.

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