Avanti Chrono Evo2 Bicycle Australian Product Safety Recall

Avanti Chrono Evo2 time trail bikes model year 2014  have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with Sheppard Industries Australia Ltd due to an issue with the head stem clamp possibly fracturing.

Avanti Chrono Evo2 recalled July 2014

Avanti Chrono Evo2 Stem Clamp Failures

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising that the head stem clamp on the following Avanti Chrono Evo2 models (model year 2014) can fracture causing the handle bar to loosen which in-turn may result in the bike’s rider having an immediate loss control over the bicycle. Something which would be pretty scary if going full belt on a time trial bike!

Product Safety Recalls Australia have advised that four Avanti Chrono Evo2 models are affected by the recall. These models are the:

  • Avanti Chrono Evo2
  • Avanti Chrono Evo2 Di2
  • Avanti Chrono Team Evo2
  • Avanti Chrono Team Evo2 Di2

The recall notice and the Avanti distributor, Sheppard Industries Australia are saying the Avanti Chrono Evo2 time trail bikes subject to this recall where sold in Australia between August 1, 2014 and July 17, 2014 but I suspect they mean between August 1, 2013 and July 17, 2014, either way if you have one of these bikes I suggest you have a chat with your Avanti dealer to be sure.

Avanti Chrono Evo2 Recall: Action to take

Consumers with the affected Avanti Chrono Evo2 time trial bikes listed above should stop using their bicycle and take it to a Avanti dealer to arrange for a replacement head stem clamp. Replacement head stem clamps where expected to be available from July 14, 2014 so quick turn around should be possible now. The replacement head stem clamp will be fitted at Sheppard’s cost.

If you have one of the Avanti Chrono Evo2 time trial bikes affected by the recall, do please let us know your your experience with the recall.

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