Study Suggests Bicycle Riders Break Road Rules to Stay Safe



The NSW Safer Cycling Study of 770 NSW transport bicycle riders has examined the riders behaviour in terms of the road rules during a one week period (as part of a 12 month study). The authors conclude that

for transport cyclists, coherence, directness, attractiveness, comfort and safety are important features of the transport network. In encouraging cycling as a mode of travel, policy makers and network planners should be aware that failure to address the needs of transport cyclists may encourage choices that involve road rule infringement.

The Key Conclusions – Bicycle Riders breaking road rules

The authors suggest that the paper adds to our knowledge with three key findings:

  • Riding on the footpath and red light infringements were the most commonly reported road rule infringements by transport cyclists;
  • Infrastructure design, speed of motorised traffic and the behaviour of other road or path users were the most often contributory factors to road rule infringement
  • Report reasons for road rule infringement reflect safety concerns and practical considerations, such as connectivity and convenience.

The full reference for the paper is:

Shaw, L., Poulos, R. G., Hatfield, J. & Rissel, C. (2014). Transport cyclists and road rules: What influences the decisions they make. Injury Prevention, Inj Prev doi:10.1136/injuryprev-2014-041243.

Other studies related to bicycle riders behaviour are listed in the Cycling Research page.

One Response to Study Suggests Bicycle Riders Break Road Rules to Stay Safe

  1. claimthelanec 16 October 2014 at 7:16 PM #

    Reiterating what most regular riders already face. Giving riders benefit of the doubt, their decision to infringe various laws was not done without at least some level of risk assessment. #claimthelane

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