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Surly ECR 29+ Dirt Road Tourer Owner Build

This post is about documenting the build of my Surly ECR 29+ as dirt road touring bike.  The ECR 29+ will replace my Surly Long Haul Trucker and my 2008 Giant XTC 2 which has been my off-road tourer. My touring preference is more dirt road than it is black top hence the decision to go with the […]

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LoGo P-38 Recumbent Bicycle Owner Review

A little while back I the opportunity arose to test ride a locally built LoGo P-38, a sort of clone or copy of a Lightning Cycle Dynamics P-38 recumbent bicycle. My “LoGo P-38” as I call it, was built by Martin Arnold of LoGo Trikes fame. Given the cost of purchasing a “real” Lightning Cycles P-38 […]

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