Hi-Viz and Bicycle Riding – A Sample of One

I have previously blogged on the effectiveness of hi-viz and bicycle riding (cycling) and by chance I have an Adidas bright yellow/green sports shirt which has reflective stripes in my riding kit. I actually brought it for wearing when touring where I have to ride on highways. I found it helped in making me more visible to truck drivers in particular who on my last tour where pulling three trailer road trains. It just helps them plan the safe passing move and by all accounts it was effective.

Now as a researcher of no note I do not normally put any value into a sample of one even when that sample is myself, but this video of an incident I incurred just highlights how ineffective hi-viz and in this case a 80 lumens Busch & Muller front light are if the motor vehicle operator is not looking.  It does not matter what we as bicycle riders do if when we are behind the wheel of a motor vehicles we failed to look.

SMIDSY [Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You] just does not cut it, ever.

I this incident the motorist apologised but that is not okay for her lack of attention and her failure to look and she had no excuse, let me make that very clear, no excuse for not seeing me: the road is straight, there is clear sight-lines, I was wearing a bright yellow shirt, I had a bright front light on.

It is time to take responsibility, stop blaming others for your own failures and look for vulnerable road users before you cross their path.


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  1. lodgej 10 January 2015 at 10:21 AM #

    I have to agree that there aren’t too many ways for cyclists to influence driver inattention. I’ve had a few close shaves during 20-odd years of bike travel. However all my major injuries have been caused on bicycle paths by other cyclists travelling on the wrong side of the path around blind corners. The latest on Wednesday (broken collarbone and ribs) on the causeway path when mother and daughter cycled around a blind corner side by side on the right-hand side. Rider education might be improved I think, especially kids — how you educate others I don’t know – how often do MAMILs pass you on corners or on hill crests at stupid speeds. I’m thinking of moving onto the roads — they’re safer!

    • Aushiker 10 January 2015 at 8:49 PM #

      Ouch! That is really bad and sorry to hear it happened in what should be a relatively safe riding environment. I hope you heal well and can get back on the bike soon.

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