SRAM ZIPP 88 1st Gen Hubs Australian Product Safety Recall

SRRAM Zipp 88 1st Generation Recall

SRAM LLC Zipp 88 first generation front hubs have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with SRAM LLC due to a possible failure of the Zipp 88 first generation hub retaining rings.

SRAM Zipp 88 Hubs Defect

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising that the SRAM Zipp 88 first generation hubs which are identified by a “Z” logo on the retaining rings are subject to the recall notice. The retaining rings are gray in the standard option and gray, red, blue, pink, or gold in the ZedTech options. The outside diameter of the two clinch nuts is approximately 29mm.

The SRAM Zipp 88 first generation hub retaining rings may fail and this can result in ejection of all the wheel’s spokes and subsequent wheel failure.

It seems that these SRAM Zipp 88 front hubs have been in the marketplace for some time, first being sold in October 2008 and I assume replaced by the next generation in May 2010.

SRAM Zipp 88 Hub Recall: Action to take

If you have one of the SRAM Zipp 88 front hubs subject to this recall you are advised to stop using your hub immediately. If you are unsure if your front hub is subject to the recall you should contact your local SRAM dealer to confirm.

Further information is available in the SRAM Zipp 88 recall notice, from SRAM in Australia on (03) 9212 6100 or via email at

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