Australian Weather Places Great for Cyclists

Local Weather for Local CyclistsThe Bureau of Meteorology has a new website interface including a section called Places where you can enter your location and get current weather information including temps, rain and wind data; weather forecasts (detailed three-hourly and extended seven day forecasts).

You can even predict the chance of rain in three hour windows up to 18 hours ahead.  There is also details on which weather station is being used and what other weather stations are nearby so you can a more accurate picture by changing the station.

MetEye Weather Local for Local Cyclists

MetEye views are also available which provide a visual representation of the data.  Quite a cool way to see how much headwind you are going to cop 🙂

All up pretty impressive in my view and handy for local bicycle riding and as well as touring by bicycle, that is for sure.

One Response to Australian Weather Places Great for Cyclists

  1. Andrew 12 April 2015 at 10:38 AM #

    Meteye is very handy. Thanks for the link.


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